GIRL CLOWN the film – The Beginning

GIRL CLOWN the film was the idea that just wouldn’t go away. You know, the kind that just keeps knocking and knocking on the door and won’t give up until you pay attention to it. I have been a writer since I was a child (plays, stories, etc.), and although I am an actress with a number of film roles to my credit, I had never written a screenplay.

I am also a professional children’s entertainer/clown  in New York City, and, in between acting gigs, clowning is what I do for a living. And, when I travel to a gig, I always wear my clown outfit in transit. 

So, when I first started going to gigs in the outfit, I noticed something interesting – people would always smile at me. Some would wave and even shout “hello!” from across the street. On the subway, a person would inevitably come over to sit down next to me and excitedly ask me questions. How did you become a clown? That must be a fun job! Did you make your own costume?…..

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