TELEVISION/FILM     Lead & Principal

GIRL CLOWN                        Laura (Lead)                       Indie (Best Actress – Williamsburg Indep. Film Fest)

REARVIEW  MIRRORS        Avery (Lead)                        Indie

SOLE MATES                         Young Mother (Lead)         Indie

THE VENTRILOQUIST       Isabel (Lead)                       Indie   (Cannes Film Festival, WillieFest)

REMEMBRANCE                   She (Lead)                          Indie

LITTLE MISS TERRIFIED    Christine (Feat.)                 Indie

PARCO, P.I.                               Paula (Co-Star)                  Mark/Mark Prods.

GREG THE BUNNY               Rainbow (Co-Star)            IFC Networks

OPEN ALL NIGHT                 Tinsel                                Indie,Third Millenium Films

THE RUSH                               Eliza                                  Indie, Jeremy Wynn Prods.

TV 101                                       Elsa Jergins                       CBS

SMART ALECS                        Host                                  Kids Cable TV Series


National Tours

EVITA                                         Mistress u/s                     Robert Young, Ken Urmston, dir.

WIZARD OF OZ                       Dorothy                           American Family Theatre

International Tour

SCHOOL FOR WIZARDS      Glinda/Pineblossom        Phoenix Entertainment

New York

BELIEVE                                    Therese                            York Theatre Company, Don Bill, dir.

THE SPICKNER SPIN             Alice                                 New York Fringe Festival, Cheryl Swift, dir.

FIRST YOU DREAM               Angel                                New Amsterdam Theatre

BOHEMIA ON WRY                Polly                                  Theater for the New City, Lissa Moira, dir.

MADAME VIARDOT              Tatiana                              Genesius Guild

BIG FISH                                   Various Characters            BMI Workshop

RED SKY                                   Shyla                                  Henry Street Theatre, Bob Whitmore, dir.


CINDERELLA                           Cinderella                          Gordon Center the Arts, Arnie Kolodner, dir.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL          Belle                                   Virginia Musical Theatre, Jeff Meredith, dir.

THRU. .PICTURE TUBE         Rhonda                              Mill Mountain Theatre, Jonathan Aarak, dir.

GODSPELL                                Gilmer                               Rockwell Productions

BUDDY HOLLY STORY          Mary Lou/Shirley             Downtown Cabaret Theatre

JUDY AND MICKEY                Judy Garland                     Seasons Theatre

LI’L ABNER                               Daisy Mae                         Chapparel Theatre

OLIVER                                      Nancy                                Mt. San Antonio Playhouse

COMMERCIALS        Principal Performer – Aired List Upon Request


Acting:                 Sande Shurin (Current), Tripp Hansen, Jim Reynolds, Phil Gushee (Meisner)

Musical Theatre:  Kimberly Vaughn, Jen Waldman, Craig Carnelia, Lonny Price

Voice:                  Andrea Green, John Mace

Commercials:      Barry Shapiro, Weist-Barron

SPECIAL SKILLS  Children’s Clown, Princess Characters, Roller-Skating, Magic Tricks, Balloon Animals

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